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Photaf Panorama Pro

Download app Photaf Panorama Pro v3.2.9 Full Apk latest version is here

Photaf – The best Android App for creating panoramas
Create beautiful, seamless 360 panoramic photos easily by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken.

When done, you can move your phone around to see the complete panoramic view by using the phone’s compass or the touch screen.

View Photaf’s online panoramas gallery and get tips for taking better panoramas at website.

This app is also perfect for real estate agents who can upload the panoramic photos of the property and show it online to their customers.

App Features:

  • Automatic Image Stitching
  • 360 Panorama creation
  • Facebook Share – Share panoramas with your friends!
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Move to SD
  • Export to gallery folder
  • Optimized for Honeycomb – Works on the Motorola Xoom, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and all other Honeycomb tablets

Additional PRO version:

  • Upload to website and view it from your computer!
  • Set as Live wallpaper (Pro version)
  • HD Mode (Pro Version)
  • Use Camera in portrait mode (Pro Version)
  • Ad Free (Pro Version)

Please read the troubleshooting section bellow as it may help with common problems.

  • Common issues and troubleshooting:
    The settings screen does not response to touch on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Please update you device OS to version 3.2 or latest. It should resolve this issue.
  • Cannot take the next picture \ Sensor inaccurately follows movement
    This is a compass calibration problem, go to Photaf picture taking mode and before taking the first picture, wave your phone in a figure 8 pattern to reset the magnetometer in your device.
  • Cannot create file, make sure to use a valid file name
    Usually, this is a file creation error, due to SD card either not available, full or corrupted.
    This error can also popup when the specified name already exists.
    Try the following:
    – Use a different unique name
    – Make sure the SD card is not mounted to your PC via USB
    – Make sure you have enough space on your SD card
    – Move some unused files from your SD to your computer, sometimes too many files on the SD can cause problems too
    – Reboot your device
  • Colors on the Motorola defy are wrong
    Use the defy hack option, under settings. Then, restitch your panorama.

Photaf Panorama Pro is the best app for making panoramas from your Android device.

App Screenshots:

Photaf Panorama Pro Full Apk Photaf Panorama Pro Apk free Download Download Photaf Panorama Pro Apk latest

What’s new in this version: (updated October 20, 2016)

  1. Fixed a bug when using Nexus 5

Required Android OS 2.2 and up

More info and screenshot from Google Play

Download link Photaf Panorama Pro v3.2.9 APK:
Zippyshare | Mirror link

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