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Total Backup Premium

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In a nutshell…
Total Backup offers the ability to backup and restore user contact joins, contact groups and call log with the touch of a button. Never lose your ordered contact list and groups when deleting accounts, reseting or migrating to a new device. Save and restore your call log fast and without hassle.

What is it good for?
Have you spent countless hours managing your contacts? Grouping or joining all those users with different names for each account took forever? And have you ever reseted or migrated to a new device? Lost all those groups or joins? How about your precious call logs? Bring order to chaos right now! Keep restore points updated using scheduled daily, weekly or monthly backups and compress/decompress, delete or share them as you want. You can easily send them by email or bluetooth and restore all that data on other devices. You can even upload them directly to Google Drive or Dropbox account (if you have their applications installed). And if you need extra security you can always choose to encrypt restore points with the AES algorithm.

App Features:

  • backup contact joins, groups (for most of your accounts) and call log
  • restore all contact joins, groups and call log at any time
  • save restore points on internal memory or on external storage and easily manage them
  • automatic scheduled backups with customizable trigger (daily, weekly or monthly) and limit
  • support for zip compression/decompression of restore points (can reduce memory usage with over 90% in some cases)
  • support for restore point encryption by password (using AES algorithm)
  • easy sharing of restore points by email, bluetooth or any other application that supports zip file format
  • upload restore points to Google Drive or Dropbox (requires their own applications installed)

Premium features:
If you want an ad-free user interface, extra features (like advanced compression, encryption and power saving settings) and support future development you can always buy the Premium features with a one-time fee of only 1.3$ (depending on your region).

If you want to find out why Total Backup needs all those permissions or get an answer to other related questions please visit Total Backup’s Wiki located at

Any kind of feedback (bugs, feature requests, comments) is more than welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or (if you want to track the status of the issue) I invite you to open a report on

Total Backup Premium Screenshots:

Total Backup Premium Full Apk Total Backup Premium Apk free Download Download Total Backup Premium Apk latest

What’s new in this version:

  1. Improved form validations to better inform users about errors.
  2. Minor user interface improvements on button feedback.

Requires Android 4.0 and up

More info and screenshot from Google Play

Download link Total Backup Premium v6.0.2 APK:
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