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Chrono Trigger is a favorite and classic roleplay game of many people. It is one of the amazing role-playing game.

Chrono Trigger is a time travel adventure. It is an RPG directed by a dream production team including Yuji Horii (Dragon Quest), Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) and Final Fantasy Staff that lets you expand your group of characters.

Takes you into the past and future that you can use. As you deeper into the story, you’ll understand how classic games focus too much on plot and writing to keep players interested. It is full of pant and timeless innovation.

Here you will see that this game play has been performed with the help of some characters, In this there is a girl named Marley as the main character whom Chrono meets then Chrono and Marley go to the house of a boy named Lucca to see something So together with some of these letters, this story begins.

Start of the game-:

The story of the game begins like this, when Chrono meets Marley at the Millionaire’s Fair from the Kingdom of Carts.

Chrono then takes Mal Le to Lucca’s house to show him the teleport ceremony, where Marley makes his wish.

She tries to try the war machine but at the same time an unfortunate incident happens as Marley reaches her, her chains shine and at the same time a door opens.

Male enters that door Chrono Marley of his own free will. but once again everything goes wrong Chrono and Lucca return 400 years ago at the same time as the Queen of Guardia Lynne disappears and she thinks it was Marley that’s why Perhaps the soldiers have taken her to the palace.

Later there Lucca comes and says that Marley is the princess of the car and the descendant of Lena so they look the same. Chrono and Lucca have to find a way to save the queen and normalize time.

If this is not done then the time limit may deteriorate and the whole world can be greatly affected by turbulence so their journey through time officially begins

Features of Chrono Trigger-

1. Enhanced version of the eternal classic chrono Trigger Another stage in the evolution of the active-time combat that players have loved in the Final Fantasy series

2. Epic story of search from time to time to save the life of a planet. Journey into the past on a 1 year journey into the future and the end of time Experience another adventure through youth with comrades somewhere to save the planet

3.Fixed version featuring updated controls, graphics and sound. Graphic and sound have been updated in high resolution

4.Additional dungeon “Lost Sanctum” and Dimensional Vortex are also playable.

5. There is absolutely no micro transaction.


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Latest Version 2.0.5
Apk package com.square_enix.android_googleplay.chrono
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

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