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Class Rush is Such a fun simple and swipe control game. In which T1T5 is some character. These characters are used for you to pick up and come to class before it’s too late. Titan Academy is a famous YouTube Web series presented by Titan Studios School Rush that featured these characters. You can use these characters with different stats to unlock them.

Class Rush game presents through some students depicting that if a student wants to become faster then he should challenge himself and his friends and collect some gems while going to school which will help kevin to do his job above do it.

You can have insane power to help you out before it’s too late. And Joe Star of Titan Academy. There is a student whose name is Jianhao.

Class Rush Game Apk Download

Class Rush Game Apk File Details
Latest Version 1.8
Class Rush Game Apk Size 142M
Updated 17 August 2021
Developer Titan Digital Media

Features of Class Rush game App :

1. Fun casual and simple swipe control game

2. Collect gems along the way to help you and unlock characters

3. T1T5 Titan Academy characters can use with different stats to unlock

4. You can take crazy if you are late

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