Eqfy apk download -Boost Bass, Volume & 3D Virtualizer effects

Eqfy Equalizer FX apk is a Premium equalizer for Spotify, YouTube and other music players.

Eqfy is a 10-band audio graphic equalizer. It is the key audio graphic equalizer to enhance and improve the quality of music and audio. It directly connects to music players supporting the equalizer like Spotify and YouTube Music.


Eqfy equalizer has global output and works with other music and audio apps. It also includes RRE equalizer’s powerful audio engine to get the best sound quality results from music and audio apps.

acoustic mode

It is based on equalizer with customizable user interface Which is easy to use as well as choose the audio engine power.

Features of Eqfy Equalizer:-

1. Eqfy Equalizer is simple form of “RE EQUALIZER” with advanced user interface.


2. It is very easy to use.

3. Works with Support Android to enhance and improve the quality of music and sound.


4. It also includes the powerful audio engine of RE Equalizer.

5. Sound balance to adjust the volume.

6. Fast and Responsive User Interface.

7. Gain Boost- Multi play game slider intensity.

8. Audio engine power selection.

9.amplifier strength- choose intensity level for amp effect.

10. Advanced sound effects.


Eqfy Equalizer apk enables users to enjoy and take full advantage of superior quality music experience of Spotify and other music apps and is the best choice among music equalizers.

Eqfy Equalizer Apk Download

Eqfy Equalizer Apk Download File Details
Latest Version 1.2.5
Eqfy Equalizer Apk Size 152K
Apk package com.wiseschematics.eqfy
Developer WiseSchematics

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