Macrorify Apk Download | Auto clicker Macro For android

Macrorify is a auto clicker with image detection. This can help make your macros as powerful as possible.

Features of Macrorify

Photo Click – Macrorify Auto Clicker with double click, long click, delay, random image detection and text recognition.

Gesture – Emulates all 10 fingers. Recordings can be edited independently, mixed and matched in any order.

Image detection – Detect when images appear and disappear Hook up a call back for such an event You can click on All Can anyone react to such an event.

Text recognition – Similar to image detection but with words.

Intuitive UI – Very easy to use UI you can create your own custom ui.

An optional part is coding a new programming language for Em script – Macrorify . EM Script is easy to learn and work with.

Some QoL:-

– Auto turn off the screen while playing to save battery life.

– Change click radius.

– Limit the number of items that are shown on the screen

– Run only specific actions

– Pause and resume macros

Macrorify Apk Download

Macrorify Apk Download File Details
Latest Version 1.2.5
Macrorify Apk Size 8.5M
Apk package
Developer KoK-CODE

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