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Mission Gyan is such a modern and technological system that has been created to work in the field of education. Technical education is very necessary to keep pace with the way we are living today. This organization is very important for their benefit, whatever problems there are in the field of education.

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Updated 2 August 2021
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We understand those problems, through this modern system you can solve the problems of higher education, which problems come in the field of education.

Mission Gyan is part of the current teacher organization Mission Gyan is an NGO, its benefits can be availed by both government and non-government parties. The purpose of this mission is to present a digital education system, through Mission Gyan, you can do your studies even sitting at home.

Mission Gyan App In the field of education, we do not just count the problems that hang around the teacher and the student, we find solutions to those problems. Some problems in the field of education are such that we can face them by using our software.

Approach:- Mission Gyan’s approach improves the education system so that the current education system of India can take the form of modern and technical education, reforms will be done in the field of education through software, it is a technology aid.

Philosophy: – The first objective of Mission Gyan is to present India’s education policy as a new education policy so that the current education can be made a digital education system, all the students studying in government schools can take advantage of this technology. In order to establish this technical education in government schools, our team is making a software that everyone will be able to take advantage of.

Principal :- We value honesty, dedication and integrity to fulfill our objective. Our aim is to promote technical education which can be availed by all government and non-government organization students. Leadership and cultural sensitivity is our primary characteristic.

Mission :- Our mission is to digitize education The use of learning management software is very important to digitize the education spectrum.

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