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Olx app is a marketplace where you can sell any used item at good price if you want to buy old things you can also buy it at low price on olx app on olx you can buy mobile phone fridge cooler and many more.

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Olx Apk Download File Details
Latest Version 14.33.003
Olx Apk Size 21M
Updated 27 August 2021
Developer OLX Global B.V.

On Olx Apk see the listing of all the electronic items, you can also get the opinion of things by calling the owner of the item, OLX Apk is a very simple application, if you have any old item, you can also sell it at good prices sitting at home on OLX.

The most famous classified app is its private offices in big cities through which you can deal with big items. For this you do not need to go to the market to buy and sell any item.

OLX is the easiest and most convenient app to buy and sell any item, fast and cutting edge. Earn money from old things also for new things. It is safe and easy, simple and convenient. Discover items to buy and sell nearby.

Looking to sell any of your items (mobile or car) then OLX app is the secure app for you. Through which you can sell your item in no time. Through this app you can also get information about what other people are selling in your neighborhood.

Use of Olx App :

1. Household Electronic Appliances – All types of household items are available on OLX which you can buy and ship at any price you want. It is a convenient marketplace for all consumers and sellers of home appliances like please fridge TV Cooler etc., electronic equipment and other home appliances, OLX makes available to you at low prices, in which you can choose the brand according to your wish.

2. Vehicles – You can choose us for the purchase and sale of hair, you will be provided with the following brands of cars and bikes on OLX, in this you can choose the brand as per your wish. Cars like Suzuki Swift SUV or Jeep etc. Apart from this we also have a selection of vehicles like scooters and cycles

How Olx Works ?

1- Sell your old stuff directly from your phone
2- Find vendors near you
3- Search for items you want
4- For complete information about any item, talk to the consumer seller

If you want to sell unwanted items lying in your house or buy usable items that too at your desired price then download OLX app today.

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