Save The Kingdom Apk Download (Merge Towers)

Save the kingdom merge towers is a simple game, this game has been shown to some characters. In which some characters are of enemies and some are of soldiers. Can you defend your castle and lead your build troops to fight when the enemy attacks your kingdom?

Combining normal gameplay with exciting defense features in this game, The Kingdom save will give you an experience. You have to use resources to build castles, then the stronger the merge, the stronger your soldiers. Got towers to defend your kingdom

Save The Kingdom Apk Download

Save The Kingdom Apk Download File Details
Latest Version 1.7
Save The Kingdom Apk Size 66M
Updated 4 September 2021
Developer Unimob Global

Features of the game:-

  • free to play
  • build a tower
  • lead soldiers
  • fun experience
  • easy to play

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