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WINDAH HORROR ADVENTURE is a horror game for android phone. This game depicts a group of ghosts with traps and a group of Indonesian ghosts. In this game you have to beware of the ghosts and you have to solve the puzzle.

The atmosphere of this game is mysterious, in which you have to fight the boss of the ghosts. As shown this is a 3D top down horror game dare try to challenge the boss in this title you play as Indonesian youtuber windah Basudara

Windah Horror Adventure Apk Download for android and pc

Windah Horror Adventure Apk Download File Details
Latest Version 1.13
Windah Horror Adventure Apk Size 78M
Updated 14 August 2021
Developer Livander Gamedev

Latest features of Windah Horror Adventure game :-

  1. It is easy to trap fire in Kuburaan.
  2. Change BGM for Main Menu

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